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Do you have problems with mold?

Since it was first founded, Sapporo Electroplating Industry Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing and processing machinery parts as a plating technology specialist.
There are infinite varieties of machinery parts. As characteristics are determined according to the situation, it’s no exaggeration to say that two processing methods are never the same. In order to respond to the customer’s requirements in the best way possible, continuous research is carried out to improve technology.
One such technology that we are keen to recommend to our customers is “KenifineTM high-performance anti-bacterial coating technology.”

What is KenifineTM?

Outstanding anti-bacterial properties

Displays anti-bacterial effects swiftly in our living environment, with no special need for light

Possesses anti-mold, anti-algal and anti-virus properties


Sustained effects

Notable anti-bacterial effects and continuity of such effects have been verified with regard to each intended purpose.

Harder and less likely to become scratched compared with commercially available anti-bacterial coating and anti-bacterial stainless steel


Post-plating processing is possible

Bending, pressing and welding are possible after Kenifine plating has been completed.

Of course, safety has also been confirmed.

Safety has been confirmed with regard to acute oral toxicity, patch tests and the like.

KenifineTM is a trademark of Kobe Steel, Ltd.

Sapporo Electroplating Industry Co., Ltd. produces Kenifine under license from Kobe Steel, Ltd.

Kobe Steel, Ltd. website (English version)

Examples of KenifineTM anti-bacterial coating applications

(Work carried out by Sapporo Electroplating Industry Co., Ltd.)


  • Sink strainers, drain filters and other kitchen utensils
  • Bathroom plugholes and the like
  • Accessories and parts for machinery fitted in wet or humid locations

Even when coating cannot be carried out

“I want to take anti-bacterial and anti-mold measures but the parts (objects) cannot be coated.” If this is your problem, don’t worry!
Sapporo Electroplating Industry Co., Ltd. has developed and put into practice its own independent technology in three forms, each of them effective against bacteria and mold.

Nickel-based anti-bacterial liquid

We mixed nickel-based anti-bacterial powder with water-soluble acrylic resin binder. This water-soluble coating differs from solvent-based agents in that it is non-stimulative. The color of the coating liquid looks dark grey in the container, but when it is applied to the surface of objects it appears light grey or is almost invisible depending on the surface onto which it is applied.

To date, the liquid has been applied to drink-maker production lines, the ceilings and walls of foodstuff manufacturers and other places where mold needs to be prevented.

  • (Examples of usage)
  • Exterior and interior walls
  • Ceilings
  • Floors
  • Production machinery
  • Kitchen and bathroom fittings

Nickel-based anti-bacterial powder

Anti-bacterial membranes are pulverized and ground into a fine powder of no more than 30 µm.
As the particles are minute, they can be mixed with coating materials or kneaded into fibers to make products, and used in a wide variety of fields. The anti-bacterial and anti-mold effects are a substantial added value, helping to support the customers’ businesses. What’s more, bacteria and algae are prevented by the powder being added directly to water.

*It is possible to change the size of the particles to match the purpose of the processing.

  • (Examples of usage)
  • Coating materials
  • Fibers

Nickel-based anti-bacterial fiber

Anti-bacterial membranes are ground into a nickel-based anti-bacterial powder and kneaded into resin to produce floss, which is then spun to create thread. This thread, with anti-bacterial and anti-mold functions, is ideal for use in socks, underwear, bedclothes and cloth products in the field of healthcare.

Sapporo Electroplating Industry Co., Ltd. sells its own original socks made from this nickel-based anti-bacterial fiber.

  • (Examples of usage)
  • Anti-bacterial cloth
  • All types of clothing

Company Outline

NameSapporo Electroplating Industry Co., Ltd.
AddressHead Office: Hassamu 13-jo 12-chome 2-15, Nishi-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
Tel. 011-661-3393 Fax 011-663-7318
E-mail shimamura@sapporo-ep.co.jp
FoundedApril 1958
Capital48 million yen (including Sapporo Genki Challenge Fund)
RepresentativeKiyotaka Shimamura, President
Number of employees20
Lines of businessProduction of parts for precision and manufacturing machinery
Various types of plating and coating:
Anti-bacterial coating (Kenifine), hard chrome plating, electro- and electroless nickel plating, zinc (bright, colored, black, green chromate), black oxide, phosphate treatment (manganese phosphate), platinum, others

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